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I coach quiet women held back
by self-doubt

I offer spacious 1-1 coaching - options below...

I run cosy workshops - see more just here...

And I also partner with organisations who recognise, and want to draw out, the value in their quieter team members; do get in touch to find out how I can support your team.

"I only started working with Sarah recently and she's already making a massive difference to me personally, and my business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah's services!" Victoria Thompson, Director, On-Point Solutions

What do you need right now?

I'm stuck & I need to find out what's possible...

My Believe Hour is a great starting point...

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I want to make a change at my own pace


One Step at a Time could be just what you need...

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I'm ready to commit to a real shift!

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1-1 package offers all the support you need!

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  • A group programme, bringing together a small group of women just like you, in a safe, supported space. A place where you can gently begin to untangle self-doubt, understand how it holds you back, and plan your path forward, growing self-belief along the way.

  • Three- and six- month 1-1 coaching for micro-businesses (a lite version of my high-touch package)

  • My Vision Board workshop on video, so you can create your vision board at a time to suit you.

  • ... and more!

Please get in touch if you have any requests, or would like to talk about how I can support you to build your self-belief and your work.