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Vision Board Workshop 2021

"The most incredible experience. So well organised, professionally run and very good value"

Nina Ketel, Mentor

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"A wonderfully insightful experience!"

Perhaps you're wondering how it's possible to plan for your year after the last 12 months have thrown us such a curveball? 

2020 showed us that you can't know what is around the corner...

does that mean a vision board is pointless?

Absolutely not! In fact, it's an even better reason to dig into what it is that YOU want from your year ahead.

I'd love you to join me for a unique vision board experience to get you feeling inspired & energised as we head into a whole new year!

This workshop runs c10 times per year - dates tbc & you can buy a gift voucher to influence the next date! 

Or get in touch to arrange a session for your team

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You will need:

A stash of magazines, the more random the better!

Large sheet of paper or a cork board 

Scissors, glue etc

Somewhere to make a mess

Permission to take this time for  yourself!

"Sarah's vision board workshop was a real light bulb moment for me & honestly one of the best things I've done for myself for a long time." Gemma Duxbury

During our afternoon workshop, you'll get all the nurturing & nudges you need to create your vision for the coming year, that is just right for YOU.  


And you'll leave feeling empowered and ready for your year ahead, energised by your very own vision board, complete with the personal and / or business goals that are perfect for you, for 2021.

Typical timings: 

  • 12noon - arrive on zoom from 11.45, check your tech & settle in! Our first hour is on zoom, finding out all about vision boards and how to make one that works.

  • 1pm - 3pm (ish) - you create your vision board in your own space, and we stay in touch via group WhatsApp chat, so you can ask questions and share progress, this keeps the group vibe :)

  • 3pm (ish) - we flex this last hour around you; are you almost finished, would you like longer, are you finished sooner than 3? The last hour is back on zoom to wrap up & check in with your afternoon.

  • 4pm (ish) - we close the call, and often spend the remainder of the afternoon sharing photos of our boards & good wishes after our shared time together!

Sound good? Book your ticket, grab a voucher or check in with next dates available.

(This makes a great team event, drop me an email if you'd like me to run this as a treat for your team.

Here's what people said about this workshop n 2020...






"I didn't realise how powerful the vision board would be! It brought some unexpected, surprising results around a whole new area of business which will expand my reach – fascinating! 


It’s surprising how much it’s affected my business and my focus… my business is the vehicle to get me the life I want and my vision has got me thinking with more clarity."

Su Menzies-Runciman, Artist

Hey there! If we've not met yet, I'm Sarah, and I believe in self-belief (that spark inside you that makes you YOU) and most importantly, keeping that spark burning bright!

I bring my own blend of science, calm and crazy to my work, and my workshops have been described as "safe, friendly, relaxed and really informative"... if that sounds like something you'd enjoy, why not join me on the 23rd January, or look out for future events?!

"I enjoyed the whole process; you did a lovely job of hosting and I felt safe & supported. I would recommend to anyone wishing to reconnect with themselves."

G. Robson