A Vision Board workshop to boost energy and foucs

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5th April

2nd May

6th June

26th June


More dates available on request, join a waiting list or making a booking for a group or organisation!

If you’re feeling stuck, you’re preparing for a change, or just intrigued about the power of vision boards, my creative kitchen table workshop could be for you...


For now, we're running this at YOUR kitchen table, and as soon as we safely can I'll be running these back at mine.


Working with clients, on their journey from on-pause to pressing play, we often tap into creativity; a brilliant and proven way to get unstuck.


Together we'll support each other to create a clear vision for the year ahead... because knowing where you want to get to makes it so much easier to plan the journey!


We'll make a mess, have some fun and create a visually inspiring board, feeling unstuck and raring to go!


"I'm not very creative, is this for me?" I promise that you don't need to be creative to get the best out of this workshop; simply show up, relax and see what flows.


"I thought this was a New Year thing?" You can do this anytime it feels right for you! I love to do a vision board around the start of spring.


I’d love for you to join me!



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