• Sarah Lynas

Space creation vs decluttering

Personally I don't like the word 'declutter' - it's a buzz word which puts me off straight away but it's also a negative word. I prefer 'creating space' which, for me, tells a much fuller story.

Blog: Space creation vs decluttering

Here's a really quick example of space creation in my own kitchen from a couple of years back..

Every day I had to venture into the Big Cutlery Drawer at least twice a day. The Little Cutlery Drawer held no fear for me, with its knives, forks and spoons sitting easy in one of those neat drawer inserts which has absolutely no power whatsoever over the Big Cutlery of life; ladles, tin openers, potato mashers; you know the ones.

I enjoy my time in the kitchen but, yuk, that moment when I needed a spatula. Couldn't I just manage with a fork? It's crazy, right? The number of times I opened that drawer with a sigh before I finally realised that I was actually the one in charge here!

So I emptied out the drawer, kept the items we used, variously recycled, donated or threw items we didn't use or were broken, and replaced items like the utterly useless swear-inducing tin-opener I've fought with for years with a new, functioning version which not only looks pretty cool, it also makes me smile when I see it in the drawer. That's all I did. It took no time at all, it created space the things we use (which meant I could find the things we use), it removed two chunks of yuk per day and it made me feel ridiculously good about opening that BCD.

So simple.... and what if you could feel that across your whole life?

It's really no wonder that they say you should start with your cutlery drawer. Or your sock drawer. Because once you've seen how much positivity you can gain from looking differently at that little slice of your home you'll be hooked into reclaiming your space everywhere you look.

What experiences have you had of creating space? What has this done for you? How else would you like to create space in your life?