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One Step at a Time - 1-1 coaching spots now open!

I've been finding my energy more variable than usual recently, going from extra-buzzy to exhausted and back within minutes. I'm accepting it as part of the change we're going through, with different routines, less contact with more people (for most of us), and more contact with fewer people! Simply noticing where we're at, day by day, and accepting ourselves in that place is powerful.  Here's where I was at;

- feeling a clear desire to help others

- knowing that my superpower is delivering calm and clarity

- aware that calm and clarity are the two things we need more than ever

- conscious that I can't possibly know if my potential clients have more, less or the same budget for developing themselves and/or their businesses

With all of that in mind, I've done two things... 1) I've volunteered with Lancashire Volunteer Partnership, and also with our local community, as a telephone befriender. 2) I've created a brand new coaching package especially for small business owners who are feeling stuck and isolated right now, opening just 6 spots for April & May; I'd love to hear what you think.

One Step at a Time is a month-by-month coaching package that puts you in charge, with the support you need, when you need it. You'll get the space to think deeply, proven ways to strengthen your mindset and tools for planning your next steps with clarity, so that you can dive back into your business with confidence, making decisions more easily and creating more time for you and your family. Here’s how it works: Your first month £137

  • 90 minute coaching session

  •  to dive deep into where you are right now (call or video)

  • Free access to my Vision recording 

  • create your own powerful vision board

  • Your own DISC personality profile report 

  • helping you understand your preferences and how best to relate to others

  • On-going WhatsApp support (during agreed hours)

  • You already have me in your corner; with this extra support, you also have me in your back pocket whenever you need me. For example, the next time you sit down and feel you’re completely on your own or you’re having a wobble about taking the next step on your path…

  • Option to book your next month/session at a reduced rate of £87 

  • within three months; this means that if your planning takes longer you can slow things down, or you can book it sooner if you’re gaining momentum!

Further optional months £87

  • 90 minute session (call or video)

  • On-going WhatsApp support with me as above (during agreed hours)

  • Option to book your next month/session at a reduced rate of £87 (within three months)

Click here to read more on my website, click here to book an intro call and check we're a good fit for coaching together, or click here to book!

Like the sound of this but something doesn't feel quite right for you? Hit reply and let's chat, I'd love to make this work for you.

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