• Sarah Lynas

Hello, I'm here for you.

This note is simply to say that I'm here for you.

For all of you who take the time to read my letters, connect with me online and support me in my life and business :)

During these curious times, I'll be sharing some tools which I hope will help us all to stay connected to ourselves and to each other. When our world changes so fast it's important to take time to adjust, to reflect and to allow our feelings to simply be here, without judgement. Please let me know if there's anything, in particular, you'd like support with. I'll be putting together some helpful emails all week and would love to make them as relevant as possible. Working increasingly with small business owners and working mums, I know that many of us already feel somewhat isolated, with only our home-office walls, or the kids, to talk to some days. Our current temporary situation makes it even more important to make meaningful, regular connections with other humans. How are you making these connections right now?

  • Local Facebook groups can be a great place to connect with the community on your doorstep, whether you need support or you can offer help or both! You'll quickly notice if the group energises or drains you... don't hang around if it doesn't work for you, there will be others that do work, or start your own if that feels good!

  • Move any meetings in your diary to an online call - you can still have coffee & biscuits :)

  • Book in regular calls with family & friends; we have the technology now to almost feel like we're in the same room.

  • And book in some time too with (and without!) the people in your household... agree times when you each get some peace and quiet, however you can manage that, and times you come together.

Are you busier just now? Or quieter? I'm not sure yet, I've noticed both going on for me! Whilst I felt quieter I had a good think about what we can do whilst we can't do what we want to do... because when we are busy there's always something we wish we had time for! I've decided to keep an ongoing list, to turn to when I'm quiet...

  • walk every morning

  • meditate

  • read everything on my reading pile before buying more books

  • plan some 

  • notice what's growing this week that wasn't growing last week

  • sort my photos, print out some I love and pop them on the walls

  • find an online watercolour painting class

What's on your list when you have some free time? And if you're busier than usual, how are you carving out some you-time?

Need some connection this week? Drop me an email and let's fix a time to just chat; it'd be my pleasure to connect with you, and we do at least know that Skype, Zoom and phone calls will remain a possibility at all times!

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