• Sarah Lynas

Have you got Clarity on your Christmas list?

My gift to you; details of my space & clarity challenge

Today I’m preparing for my new year #spaceandclaritychallenge and I’m loving getting this ready for you all, I can feel the power of it already! Would you like to know more?

The challenge is designed for you if you’re ever overwhelmed, restless or distracted; if you would like to live or work in space which supports you instead of holding you back, and if you’d like to feel calmer and clearer on your path ahead. As a work at home mum with this is certainly me some days!

We’re doing this over the course of a week over on Instagram.

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We'll start off with a step back (whaaaat?! I wanna dive straight in!!) to take a look at WHERE it is you NEED space & the clarity it brings… and yes if you’re like me you’ll find a ton of places but we’ll stick with one for this challenge (over-achievers can pick two ;) and you’ll then have the tools to loop back and tackle other places another time!

(For this challenge I’m focusing on digital and physical areas - for head-space & clarity you may prefer to work 1-1 and if so I’d love to hear from you)

Once you’ve picked an area to focus on we’ll talk about why it’s important to you, intentions and setting aside time to reclaim the space you chose.

And then, woohoo! At last we’ll get on with the real work hey? Clearing the stuff 👍👍👍

We’ll wrap up with some reflection before you bound away, full of energy and ready to rinse and repeat as needed!

How does that sound?

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