One step at a time

Mindset & business coaching to get you unstuck 
at your pace and within your budget.

“Sarah is awesome. I felt a deep heartfelt connection with her from the first time we met a year ago. Coaching with her helped me see the wood through the trees!

Her professional & grounded presence gave me the clarity I needed to see something I couldn’t see already at the end of my nose!”

Jacquie Bamber ~ life, health & well-being coach


I work with a maximum of two clients per month

so you know you have my full attention!

You’re working hard in your small business, and you know it could be incredibly fulfilling. Just now it’s overwhelming, isolating and leave you feeling stuck, going around in circles inside your head and unsure where to go next. Uncertainty is a drain on your energy and time that you can do without. I know that sometimes you sit looking at the same four walls simply not knowing what to do next and you wish someone would tell you what to do. You feel some days that there is simply too much to do and other days you’re not getting anywhere at all.


You know that with some time to think and plan you can really energise yourself and your business, taking time for you and your family as well as feeling confident in your decisions, but you’re not ready to commit to a long package of support. I totally understand that; I’ve been there too.


This is where I can help.


Coaching with me will bring you just what you need right now; the space to think, proven ways to strengthen your mindset and tools for planning your next steps with clarity, so that you can dive back into your business with confidence, making decisions more easily and creating more time for you and your family.


One step at a time is a month-by-month coaching package that puts you in charge, with the support you need, when you need it.


Here’s how it works:


Your first month £97

  • 60-minute coaching session

    •  to dive deep into where you are right now (call or video)

Further optional months £97

  • 60-minute session (call or video)

  • You can book calls every two, three or four weeks, or take a break if you need to, this means that if your planning takes longer you can slow things down, or you can book sooner if you’re gaining momentum!

Are you interested but something about the package isn't quite right for you?

Drop me a line and let's talk about how we can make it work.