Lighten Up

for overwhelmed humans weighed down by clutter in their heads & homes

Research suggests that your surroundings can play a huge role in influencing your mental health, and that mental and physical clutter are known causes of anxiety. 

If you’re overwhelmed by too much stuff in your head and your home it can feel like you have no idea where to start.

Most of my clients I work with feel ‘on-my-knees’ tired. You might find you are so busy taking care of everyone around you, this leaves you frustrated and resentful there is no space for you.

When you're constantly saying 'I’m sorry about the state of the place’ you might feel resigned to fantasising about what your home could be like, watching Grand Designs on repeat with a glass (or three) of wine.

Lighten Up is a supported process with a qualified coach to gently and intentionally declutter your head and your home. 

You can create space for ease, clarity and new possibilities...


  • How would it feel to create a nurturing rhythm in your home life?  

  • What if you discovered and embraced whatever it is hiding under the stuff? 

  • What if you got really clear on what is really important to you? 

  • What if you could find what you needed easily? 

“I have started to think about my life as mine again! I now feel I have more clarity, more focus, and more direction, and would totally recommend Sarah…working with her is very enlightening!”

~ Sarah Robinson ~

You don’t need to use up all your energy carrying everything with you.  

We'll work together to clarify what is weighing you down and holding you back; we pause to look at what is truly important to you, what drives you forward and where you’d like to go; and we’ll create a map for your next steps. 

My journey to here...

For many years I’ve had the feeling that I was weighed down, heavy, unable to focus. I spent an awful lot of time tidying up, moving things around, stressing. And apologising for the state of my house / desk / headspace. 

Relocating 4 years ago to a smaller house and living in a maze of packing boxes was the final straw. A chance conversation with a friend led to me fully decluttering our home, letting go of half our possessions and bringing the most amazing feeling of lightness to me. Incredibly it gave me space in my head too, to listen to what I really wanted, which was to train as a coach, an ambition I’d allowed to get hidden under layers of stuff, negative thoughts and low self-belief.  

Lighten Up brings together my coaching work and my belief in the power of letting go to make room for new possibilities. 

It is the journey I wish I’d taken years ago and I’m delighted to be your guide now. 

Here are all the details you need to register for Lighten Up: 

Lighten Up  

six sessions £847

Lighten Up

three sessions £297

Lighten Up is a  guided programme with a qualified coach to gently and intentionally declutter your head and your home. You'll feel lighter and more energised, with time and space for you.

  • 6 x 1-1 coaching sessions (5 x 60 mins, 1 x 120 min declutter)

  • Unlimited support (via WhatsApp) between sessions

  • Declutter support

  • A 'tips & strategies' toolbox

  • Accountability (if you want it)

Your investment for six sessions: £847 (includes declutter)

Your investment for three sessions: £297 

Our sessions are in person, if our geography allows, or by audio / video call. 

We take the journey at your pace, over three to six months, so that taking this path to Lighten Up won't leave you overwhelmed... I promise you'll have plenty of space and time to sink in, dive deep and make lasting changes.

“I highly recommend working with Sarah if you are looking to find some clarity in your life”

~ DP  ~

The Lighten up guided coaching programme: 

Our journey will include...

Checking in: Where is the overwhelm coming from for you? What is it that's weighing you down or making you feel restless?

(Un) packing: We'll have one longer session - if you book the six session package -  where we get started on the head or home decluttering. This is often an energising phase and will help you to break free of the fogginess you may feel now.

Exploring: Looking at any patterns you're noticing as you declutter, along with any unhelpful thoughts or beliefs you’ve been carrying with you.


Mapping out: As you begin to reclaim your space and energy, what might be next? This can be a playful phase as the clouds lift and you find space for creativity.

Building energy: In the emerging space we’ll work on the values that energise you, tuning into your desires, and your vision for the future.

Getting clear on next steps and creating a map for your journey ahead...


Lighten Up - six sessions £847

Lighten Up - three sessions £297


How do I know if this is for me?

Please do book an Introductory Call with me.  I’d love to chat with you and help you decide if this is the programme for you, and an Intro Call is the perfect space to talk this through.

What happens once I click Book Now?

You'll be redirected to my booking site where you'll be guided through creating your own login; from here you have the freedom to schedule our calls at a time to suit you. Once you have logged in you will be asked for payment for the full programme, via Paypal, before choosing a date and time for our first call. You'll then receive some reflective questions to answer before our call, so your journey starts as soon as you sign up.


I’m overwhelmed by physical stuff but it’s not all mine – what do I do about my family’s clutter?

It’s inevitable in any shared space that you’ll come across this; during the programme we’ll look at ways you can include your family members in this journey.


Do you offer refunds?

I guarantee to be fully in this with you. If you're unsure whether or not you're ready to be totally in too please do book an Intro Call with me here. Once we've set out on our journey I don’t offer refunds so please do consider carefully before investing.

Can you send me an invoice?

Yes of course, just drop me an email once you've booked.  Your invoice will come from Mind & Business Ltd which is the small business mentoring partnership I run with my husband. (Coaching may be considered a deductible business expense.)