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Welcome to my Family Vision Board!​

This is a video and workbook combination for you and your family, based on my popular Vision Board Workshop.

It came about after a number of the mums on my workshop asked if this was suitable for families - YES! It absolutely is, and I've already had some wonderful feedback.

"So proud of how these two have focused on their vision boards... they've been so excited & it's really helped them focus on what they want over the next year and what they want to get better at.

K can't stop looking at hers and said "Every time I breathe and I look at it, I feel like I'm breathing it all in. I feel I'm going to achieve so much and it's all because of you mummy". Thank you so much for the workshop"

If you'd like to create either one big family vision, or smaller ones for each of you, for the holidays, or for the rest of the year, I made this for you.


  • A workbook with notes and questions, for you to print and fill in - and if you haven't got access to a printer, you can make your notes on any paper at all!

  • A short and simple video talking you through the process, you can pause this anytime so it's like having me right there.

​What you'll need:

  • Magazines, comics, paper, pens, glue, glitter, scissors

  • You can make your board on the wall, or on big paper, whatever works for you!

Please get in touch if you have any questions!

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