Believe Hour

Begin the journey...
Discover how self-doubt is holding you back
& plan your self-belief path forward.

“Sarah is awesome. I felt a deep heartfelt connection with her from the first time we met a year ago. Coaching with her helped me see the wood through the trees!

Her professional & grounded presence gave me the clarity I needed to see something I couldn’t see already at the end of my nose!”

Jacquie Bamber ~ life, health & well-being coach


You know you're holding yourself back from something... but you can't see why or how.

Going round in circles in your own head can be exhausting, doubting yourself at each turn and wondering when your self-belief slipped away...


This uncertainty is a drain on your energy and time that you can do without.


I know that sometimes you sit looking at the same four walls simply not knowing what to do next and you wish someone would tell you what to do. You feel some days that there is simply too much to do and other days you’re not getting anywhere at all.


You know that with some time to think and plan you can really energise yourself and your business, taking time for you and your family as well as feeling confident in your decisions, but you’re not ready to commit to a long package of support. I totally understand that; I’ve been there too.


This is where I can help.

In one hour we can loosen the hold of self-doubt. You'll see that change is absolutely possible for you and feel the lightness this certainty brings. This alone is empowering and uplifting.

You may go on to choose a longer package of support and work with me over three or six months... let's start our journey here.

PS. This is the perfect follow up to my Believe workshop, as well as working beautifully as a stand-alone hour.

Here’s what you get:


Believe Hour £197

  • 60-minute one to one coaching session

    •  to dive deep into where you are right now (call or video)

  • Two weeks of Voxer support 

    • You already have me in your corner; with this extra support you also have me in your back pocket whenever you need me. For example, the next time you sit down and feel you’re completely on your own or you’re having a wobble about taking the next step on your path… (Voxer is an app similar to whatsapp, allowing simple exchange of voice-notes and texts)

  • Option to book my three & six month packages at a reduced rate.

    • within three months; this gives you some time to consider what support you'd like going forward.

Are you interested but something about the package isn't quite right for you?

Drop me a line and let's talk about how we can make it work.

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