Find your Spark!

Psst! It's behind one of the doors of my 2020 Advent Calendar!

Give yourself the gift
of coaching
this Christmas!

Maybe you've lost yourself in the day-to-day of work or family...


Maybe you feel you're treading water, restless and oh-so-tired,

just waiting for 'something' to fix it all? 


I wonder if you're feeling stuck right now and can't see a way forward...?


If you can't remember when you last said: "I feel like me today"?


Would you like to feel like you again?


Do you just know you can do more with your life...

but maybe you don't know yet how coaching can help?

"I was unsure what to expect from coaching…

throughout our first session I found Sarah

calming yet motivating and I left feeling

very energised and

ready to try new things;

a great session!"

Becci Blayney

Are you ready to find your spark?

When you're busy looking after everyone around you 

and you give all your energy to family or work,

it can feel self-indulgent to take time for you,

invest in you... I want you to know you are worth it.

Our hour together will give you:

- the space to untangle something that's holding you back 


- a boost of energy and a realisation that you can move forward!

- a feeling of empowerment and a knowing that you can make decisions to suit you!


clear actionable steps for you to take next.

"I can highly recommend Sarah to help you get out of that

self-doubt trap and take the steps you need to take next.

After our first session, I had the confidence I needed to organise my first event, which has been a real success!" Rebecca Norris


My Advent Calendar Coaching sessions

for women everywhere are raising funds via JustGiving for

Lancashire Women who empower women to transform their lives, through services including mental health support, employment skills, debt advice & much more.

Here's how it works...

1. Click the link to choose your date and time

(you can choose either 11am or 5pm each day) 

2. From there you'll be directed to my JustGiving Page

to make your chosen donation.

3. Join me on Zoom on your chosen day, with an open mind, for your hour of coaching! 


Suggested donations are £7 or £47 or £97 - or you can donate whatever amount you like, and please do keep it anonymous if that feels good for you!


Too simple?

What's the catch?

Quite simply, there's no catch.

Just you, me, a donation to Lancashire Women and an hour of coaching.

My last day of the #bookwiferyvisibility

I'm Sarah & I'm a qualified coach helping women who are feeling stuck, lost their spark and needing a boost in 


My clients describe me as insightful & down to earth with a real ability to untangle self-doubt so they can move forward with energy!

"I wasn't sure coaching would work for me but after just a few minutes my doubts had gone. I left feeling revitalised & ready to get going!"

Holly Dalziel

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I'm proud to support.jpg