your very own accountability ​partner, for when you need a gentle nudge

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You've taken the plunge, but having your own business isn't quite all you imagined... yet.


Going round in circles, do you feel like you're just playing at it as you move forward one day and retreat the next? Do you start each week fired up and end the week feeling flat? Are you spending longer questioning yourself than you spend getting things done?


You have ideas coming out of your ears, and you just know you could be amazing!

All you need is someone to be accountable to... it almost makes you miss having a boss!

Of course, we both know you're not going back to working for someone else, but... what if there was another option?

"The Shift package is just what I need as a freelancer!"

​I know that with the right accountability you will be able to plan better, procrastinate less, and achieve more. ​

And this in turn will boost your self-belief, help you build stronger habits and support you to build your business, bring your ideas to life and do the great things you just know you can do, deep down.

I know just how powerful accountability is because I'm just like you, a human who needs a nudge some days, who needs to know that another human has my back, someone who genuinely wants me to move forward with my work. I believe we all need accountability in our world and I'm here to offer this to you.

Dear heart, don't follow the heard - whi

I’m Sarah Lioness / Lynas, and I’m a quietly courageous coach for women like you.


I’m here to show the world just how powerful & magnetic quiet self-belief can be, and I'd love to show you just what is possible when you can understand and un-tangle from that pesky self-doubt!

The Lioness energy perfectly sums up my purpose; helping women to find their own courage, intuition, deep nurturing, quiet strength & that beautiful balance between hard work and complete rest.


What if, instead of working alone, you knew that someone was right there with you every week, in your inbox or on a phone call (VIP option)?

  • Imagine how much further you could go with someone by your side...

  • Imagine having someone right there to celebrate the wins and support you through the wobbles...

  • Imagine trusting yourself more each week as you feel the new momentum you really can create?

I created this accountability package for women like you, so that you would have the accountability you deserve... so that you can get to where you want.

Choose your preferred option below - simply click the button on your preferred option and I'll reply to you with payment details... we can get started right away!

"Since starting, I find myself looking for the positives and reframing situations much more, noticing just how much I have achieved."


  • Start your week with a 15-minute call with me, sharing with me:​​

    • what you need to get done​

    • how you'll stay on track

    • how you'll celebrate your wins!

    • Plus at the end of our call I’ll send you a relevant journaling prompt to really get you thinking, based on our call.

  • Keep me up to date with progress or challenges by email or Voxer, knowing I'm there for the wobbles & whoops!​​

  • Minimum sign up 2 months

£97 per month

Looking for more?  My Quiet Courage coaching experience could be just the thing...

"Previously I would set myself a huge to-do list each day or aim for a certain number of hours, and usually end up feeling I had failed....


This gentler, infinitely more positive goal-setting method has made me much more productive and focused. I also waste less time and energy being hard on myself.


I’m discovering there is always learning, an upside or a win to be found. This has been amazing for shifting me to a more positive mindset and helping me stay on track each week."

Sarah Varley | Freelance copywriter | Letterpress Content

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