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You can transform your overwhelm into clarity.

And in case you're not sure where to start... 

I'm here to guide you.


You can click here to book a free clarity call with me. It's just 30 minutes, at a time to suit you.


We'll find out more about each other and talk about how we can work together.

“The greatest need of our time is to clean out the enormous mass of mental and emotional rubbish that clutters our minds and makes of all political and social life a mass illness.

Without this housecleaning, we cannot begin to see. Unless we see, we cannot think.” 

     ~ Thomas Merton ~

If you're ready to let go of overwhelm I'd love to share my thoughts on decluttering, simplifying and getting clear on what's really important... in my monthly-ish newsletter (click here to sign up)

You don't need to use all your energy carrying everything with you...

You know those days when you can’t quite settle to what you're supposed to be doing? Feeling bogged down, like you're wading through mud or treacle... Perhaps not knowing what it is you really want to be doing? Or just plain overwhelmed?

... are you ready to let go and Lighten Up?

When we’re surrounded by stuff it’s so easy to get caught up. Everything we own claims a bit of our attention… look at me! clean me! care for me! put me away! feel guilty because you don’t want me! 

I’m not just talking about actual stuff here. Think about your digital world too. How many photos, emails, files, albums and films are invisibly draining you and (secretly) the worlds’ resources*? 

And not only the things we can see, read or print out… what are you carrying around every day in your head? How many to-do lists, worries, grudges, promises, creative ideas, guilt trips?

I can help you get really clear on what you're holding onto, how to reclaim your head-space & your home-space, and how to discover the clarity that was waiting for you there all along.


Hello! I'm Sarah

It's great to meet you!

I'm a life coach with a passion for transforming overwhelm into spaciousness,

and the clarity we find on that journey.

In a beautifully circular way I uncovered this work as I made my own journey from cluttered heaviness to the clearer, more energetic space I live in today.

Work with me?

Just for you, overwhelmed human, I have a calm and spacious programme called Lighten Up, designed to gently and intentionally declutter your head and home, support you as you uncover your vision for 'what's next' and your guiding values.

And NEW for overwhelmed small-business owners... Mind Your Own Business: a coaching & mentoring package of support and accountability. Because, you don't have to do this on your own.

I'd love to hear from you...

Drop me a note to find out more about my work, to book in a clarity call (where we talk about what you'd like to achieve and check out if we're right for each other) or to let me know what you'd like to see in an e-course or insta-challenge!


I love to hang out on Instagram... see you there?

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I highly recommend working with Sarah if you are looking to find some clarity in your life. She encouraged me to think differently about a decision I was facing, giving me the space and tools to make my own clear choice in a calm and relaxed environment. I found Sarah to be warm and friendly and at the same time reassuringly professional.

Danni Peterson

Ever since my coaching sessions I am seeing things as a new adventure, I feel much more motivated and more sure of my own abilities to do the things I want to do.I felt strongly that I needed to prioritise what I wanted in my life, as my children get a bit older and spend more time away from home, and I wanted to improve my focus.


I have started to think about my life as mine again! I now feel I have more clarity, more focus, and more direction, and would totally recommend Sarah…working with her is very enlightening! She was able to make light bulbs go on in my head, leading to real changes which are making a positive difference to so much!

Sarah Robinson

What made me think about coaching? I was becoming aware that my mind was getting cluttered, and I didn’t have a clear thought process; my thoughts were getting mixed up and I was going around in circles.

Working with Sarah is thought provoking and challenging; she is an excellent listener and allowed me the space and time to really open up and talk things through. I don’t share easily so it’s a real compliment to Sarah that I was able to talk openly with her. As a result of our coaching I am starting to reconnect with an understanding of how I work and rather than fight it, I’m learning to embrace it and work with it. 

Tom Hough